Together with my supervisor Prof. Dr. Habil. Ekaterina Lyutikova I teach two electives at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (Philological Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University).

Below you can find courses’ abstracts.
If you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact me.

Experimental syntax. Practical course

Spring semester 2019-2022
The goal of this practical course is to deepen, think through and practically apply the knowledge obtained from the «Experimental Syntax» elective. Real experiments on topic that clarify relevant aspects of Russian syntax are waiting for the students. Students will go through all stages of an experiment: formulate an experimental hypothesis, develop an experimental design, select stimuli, find respondents, run their own experiment and process the data. In addition, we discuss a number of issues related to the processing of experimental data.

Experimental Syntax

Fall semester 2018-2020

Experimental syntax is a research trend within which syntactic structures are explored through experimental methods. Experimental data make it possible to more accurately determine the boundaries of what is possible in a language, and, consequently, to build a syntactic theory that adequately describes linguistic reality.

In this elective we learn how to conduct experiments to study syntactic structures. You will learn what experimental techniques can be useful when constructing a grammatical theory and how to justify a particular decision regarding the experimental design. During the course, we will analyze the full experimental cycle: from formulating the objectives, choosing a method, design, and preparing stimuli to technical implementation, processing and analyzing the obtained data. All theoretical material is accompanied by examples of recent studies, as well as practical exercises to reinforce specific skills.

Statistics for Linguists

Spring semester 2021
Introductory course on statistical analysis using R for MA students in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics with no prior experience.

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