Ph.D. candidate, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

I am a leading specialist at Research Computing Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University, investigating agreement variation in Russian. I am also interested in nonfinite clauses, i.e. infinitives and nominalizations, and negative polarity items licensing. In my research I primarily use methods of experimental syntax with particular interest in linguistic variation.

With my supervisor Prof. Dr. Habil. Ekaterina Lyutikova I teach a course on experimental syntax at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (Lomonosov MSU).

Anastasia Gerasimova

Upcoming events:

April 2022 — Our team has won grant award from Russian Science Foundation on our new project «Parametric model of agreement in the light of experimental data» (RSF Project 22-18-00037 realized at Lomonosov Moscow State University). Learn more.

December 2021 — The volume “Russian islands in the light of experimental data” is published! This volume presents the first step in the full-scale study of island constraints in Russian. Together with E. Lyutikova I was an editor of this volume. Learn more.

Contact & Profiles:

PhD Project

Quantitative Methods of Investigating Grammar
(A Case Study of Agreement Variation in Russian)

For my dissertation, I am conducting a multifactorial study of binominal copular clauses in Russian. My goal is to define a set of parameters that determine agreement variation and investigate whether this set depends on grammatical profiles of individual speakers.

My supervisor is Prof. Dr. Habil. Ekaterina Lyutikova.

Academic background

2019 – now

Ph.D. candidate, Applied and Computational Linguistics, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
2017 – 2019
M.A., Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
(with honors), Lomonosov MSU

2013 – 2017

B.A., Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
(with honors), Lomonosov MSU

2021 – now

Junior Researcher,
Research Computing Center at Lomonosov MSU

2019 – 2020

Research Assistant,
Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

2016 – 2018

Research Assistant,
Moscow Pedagogical State University

Anastasia Gerasimova